Texas Teaches the Virtues of Fossil Fuels

A recent article in one American journal mentioned how the leaders of State of Texas, those oil-loving folk, have agreed to ensure that their children will not be forced to grow up like that awful angry Swedish climate change activist called Greta Thunberg. 

This last comment was made by a CEO of an education consulting company called Gloria Chatelain. Gloria was appointed to the Texas State Board of Education by Cargill, the global food giant, (read “who do not believe in climate change”). This well educated conservative said in the recorded minutes of a board meeting the following words of wisdom:

“Our goal is not to produce angry children but children who love science. We’re challenging them to go solve some of these exciting problems but not turn them into angry Gretas!”

A brilliant comment from a lobbyist who has made a Faustian contract with big industry.

… and let’s be clear – Greta Thurnberg is one great serious hero who dares tell people like Chatelain and Trump how ignorant and wrong they are.

Texas has also agreed to have an in-house lawyer from the Shell Oil Company sitting of this same  education board. One can only imagine what these people propose to tell the schools in Texas what young people should be learning. It appears that the oil and food giants contribute huge sums in tax revenues to the State and that, according to the Republicans, gives them the right to set the school syllabus. The State orders only those school books that adhere to the Board of Education’s guidelines.

Such interference in matters of education cannot have any beneficial effects on the minds of young people. The lobby there is frightening…

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