The Best Way to Deal with Bullies

You find bullies everywhere – they run companies, they run departments, they run countries and are active in all sorts of human activities. Some bullies behave just like animals to establish dominance, some behave crudely, while others do it for personal satisfaction, gain and glory. This last groups are never very nice, we call them despots, some of whom kill and torture while others cruelly ridicule anyone they dislike or fear. Both are equally despicable, but the former needs to be brought before the criminal courts for crimes against humanity.

The best way to deal with normal bullies is to isolate and ignore them, so they cannot do any more damage, but that is not always easy. But the worst bullies are almost impossible to deal with because they use stolen money and gangsters to protect themselves. The bully political despots in one party countries use corrupt armies and police to stop ordinary folk from deposing them. The army and police chiefs receive nice salaries and other benefits while the populations suffer from a lack of freedom, a lack of basic services, and enjoy no democracy.  

People who are bullied are victims who cannot sleep, they are frightened and cannot concentrate on what is important. The are haunted with terrible feelings that leave a traumatic memory for years to come. The person who is bullied can seldom ask for help because they are traumatised – communication is difficult because admitting to being bullied is for them is often felt as admitting weakness.

Onlookers too, the people who see the bullying, are equally intimidated by the bully. If you step into the fray and try to defend the victim you too may be at the receiving end of a punch or harmful words. Onlookers seldom go out of their way to help somebody who has been bullied.

Bullies at schools are common – they must be brought to account and helped to see what they are doing is wrong. Catching them early is essential with proactive positive action that can bring good lasting results. Schools must have zero tolerance for bullying and that is best enforced by regulation and good policing and treatment to reduce the need to bully.

Bullies at the office and workplace are harder to prevent when results are measured by numbers and profits. Your correspondent has seen co-workers mocked by other co-workers, bosses have deliberately ridiculed their staff by mocking others behind their backs. When the boss controls the decision about pay increases and bonuses you may not want to openly cross him! The higher the boss, the bigger the chance he or she is a bigger bully… There is very little one can do when the boss and the boss’s boss are bullies. The only good solution is to change jobs but that is not always easy since bullying bosses are quite common these days. Competition in the global markets has intensified the spread of this pandemic. 

Bullies in politics… you do not have you look too far to see that Trump has stopped seeing any queues of honest foreign leaders outside the White House. After his dreadful treatment of European and Canadian leaders few have any appetite to listen to his BS. 

It is amazing how he has caught the Republican Party Representatives of Congress in his headlights – they are stunned, frozen in place, dazzled by the lights, unable to avoid being crushed under the tyres of the speeding car. Those men and women are terrible cowards by allowing this crooked man to hold democracy to ransom.

The examples of Hitler, Mussolini, Putin, Kim, Xi – the list of former and current is really long, too long – but surely it is a list of evil activity that is sufficient for any educated voter to understand that there is no need to have this type of leadership in a free country. Why are so many so frighted to remove him from office when his daily behaviour crosses the line of decency so many times. There can be no doubt that his supporters would allow such behaviour in their own homes.

There is little good news in the fact that Germany and Italy eventually managed to replace these bad men but the cost of human lives and human suffering were extreme. 

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