The Chosen Ones Distract Us from Our Future

Can you imagine that we have been subjected to almost 3 years of wasted time while the big media houses report on the clowns called Trump, May, and Johnson who are supposed to be the leaders of important democracies.

We do not need clowns as our leaders but serious hard working people who want to make a difference in public life.

Instead we have been fed with BS as these clowns tell lies and posture like “Churchillian Leaders” of the Free World trying their best to make their countries great again at the expense of the rest of the world…

… and while they are doing their circus acts the Amazon is burning, the glaciers in the Europe, Asia and New Zealand are melting away, while Oceans are rising, while CO2 is starting to strangle us all, and violent weather is ready to blow many away to their grave. 

It is time to stop reporting their follies and time to start to report every day what responsible leaders are doing and should be doing.

Three years of not doing the right thing is just too long… we have wasted three important years.

Your correspondent cannot understand that a meeting of G7 leaders requires that a whole town is closed down. Huge private jets, expensive black cars, bodyguards, thousands of police and soldiers are NOT needed.

In Helsinki, the current city for the Finland’s Presidency of the EU Council, the traffic comes to a halt for black cars and police because a few “Chosen Ones” are unable to use public transport because … why?

Why are they using expensive cars when our own ministers can be seen on the street without all this waste of taxpayers’ money. 

Our Chosen Ones have been given too many expensive and unnecessary benefits. We need to claw them back, and they need to travel to work like the rest of us. If they are so scared about their own safety then they should change jobs… Most of the time they inflict danger to themselves by stirring up trouble with racist and other hateful comments. It is not our job to pay for their protection in such cases… they should suffer the consequences of their actions and not be protected because they are the “Chosen Ones”.

… and these private jets, black cars and thousands of police and soldiers are not good for climate change.

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