The EU – are we managed by policy cowards?

The Financial Times has seen a letter sent by the Dutch Finance Minister on behalf of Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland and Malta.

According to the FT (27.6.2018), he wrote that “the lack of the agreement on the budget be clearly communicated to leaders at next week’s summit…. There was clearly no consensus on starting to explore options”, and he added that there was also no agreement to start exploring the use of a financial transactions tax to finance it.

It is good that the governments here do not give in to the EU’s being ruled by Macron and Merkel, who seem to think that it is only their interests that matter in the EU. 

There can be no question that an EU tax is not what we have voted for, nor should we be supporting weak EuroZone countries who cannot get their house in order – see earlier columns in FinnishNews an these topics.

However, what is unacceptable here is that our governments have not openly discussed the views expressed in the letter, and that the letter has been delivered in secrecy. Even worse is that a copy of the letter is leaked to the FT. Are we managed by cowards?

As a voter and resident in Finland, your correspondent is justified in registering strong dissatisfaction that basic policies are not discussed and planned openly by our national governments.

It is unacceptable that EU’s and Eurozone affairs are decided upon by 2 big countries without any prior upon and transparent debate in our national media. 

It appears that our political leadership is a poor manager of our national affairs when they must make policies with secret letters that they do not want to share with the very people they represent!

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