The Finnish taxi monopoly continues, as Uber closes down its Finnish company, and its CEO has his property seized…

Finland is the proud Champion of Monopolies where the likes of Uber and LIDL have headaches trying to break into the Finnish markets.

Uber has been running its “application” while “independent” drivers eagerly earn the doubtful title of being caught out as “criminals”.

Of course, the Finnish Taxi monopoly, has successfully ousted Uber from the country’s borders with several court cases finding that the drivers have acted criminally under the present law here.

This has lead to the CEO of Uber Finland to be accused of conspiring to break the law and, just in case he absconds before the case is tried, some €250 000 of his property has been seized by the bailiffs.

That was too much for Uber, that great an glorious global company, who immediately decided to withdraw from Finland.

“Hurrah” cried the taxi monopoly.

Now they can continue to sell the world’s most expensive taxi rides with many drivers who speed, smell of sweat and who would never dream of getting out of their Mercedes to help a customer into the car…

The real thing is that the Conservative and Centre parties love the taxi monopoly along side the 15 other monopolies happily over-charging customers because there is no competition or Competition Authorities with teeth. They need to over-charge to pay their dues to the 2 big parties and to pay their expensive lobbyists who can continue to Trump Tweet that they are “So Good…”

… and Uber was never really any better that the taxi monopolists. They are just as expensive as the traditional taxis, and they have the cheek to tell customers, in their 8 page contracts, that they are not responsible for their drivers or their cars. The customer is liable for checking that the driver has insurance, has a driver’s license, has a taxi licence, and is not drunk or on drugs… What a joke!

Good riddance to both Uber and the taxi monopoly – but don’t hold you breath waiting, although we do quite often when we get into a taxi…

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