The Huffing and Puffing of Two Old Desperate Leaders

It has been two weeks since Erdoğan and Putin decided to declare everlasting love in a manner reminiscent of Leonid Brezhnev passionately kissing East German leader Erich Honecker. 

(Who said the communist leadership abhors homosexuality?)

On the other hand, there can be little doubt that the Erich only felt true hate towards Brezhnev like all leaders from smaller satellites of The Soviet Union. Russian leaders, like the present one, cultivate hatred and distrust for their own political and financial benefit. Brezhnev was just one more sad brutal communist leader that ended up doing nothing much other than invading Czechoslovakia in 1968 ja Afghanistan in 1979.

There can be little doubt that both Putin and Erdoğan hate each others’ guts. Their over-jovial  handshakes and false smiles tell the whole story. Erdoğan surely knows that Putin cannot be trusted and will always break any promises when it suits him, and Putin is so evil that the Devil would always rather employ somebody else if he had a choice.

Turkey is a country not to be sneered at. It has a large population of hard-working and hospitable   people. One can possibly understand Erdoğan’s recent actions in the light of the coming election where he fears the possibility of loss. He is playing to a domestic audience, trying his best to secure some extra popular support by entering into a Faustian contract with Putin, and by objecting to Finland and Sweden joining Nato, of which Turkey is an important member.

When the elections are over life will probably get back to normal. Turkey will find comfort in the fact that it is a Nato member, and that Nato will be much stronger with Nordic Vikings standing at the gates. Of course, he knows Putin cheats, of course he will dump Russia to avoid what the Hungarians still appear not to remember.  

It took Germany many decades to finally understand that they are being held at ransom by a terrorist state to the East.

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