The Irony of the English Speaking Countries

The UK, the USA, Australia and Canada, the English Speaking Countries, all use English as their mother language and hold themselves in high regard. They are all developed countries that tell the world that they are the amongst the greatest and most developed in the world.

They proudly present themselves as Best in the World in so many sectors – technology, democracy, healthcare, banking, innovation, science, military prowess, education…

There can be no doubt that their achievements are robust when you look at their developments this last 100 years… then they were much poorer, the first terrible European war had just finished as had the1918 influenza pandemic that killed some 100 million people worldwide. You would have thought that lessons would have been learnt from all these scientific advances. 

Now the irony of these countries is that its leaders are in self denial about Climate Change.

Trump openly mocks anyone who claims that Climate Change is man-made. His attacks against Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old Swedish climate activist, is nothing more than proof of his unstable mental state. Impeachment is too kind when an old folks’ home would be a kinder solution for this demented man.

Trudeau’s Canada digs up oil from the oil sands in Alberta, one of the dirtiest oils on the planet. Even though the Canadian government was in Madrid telling the world that climate action is its No 1 priority, Trudeau’s newly re-elected government will soon be deciding to go ahead with the construction of the largest open-pit oil sands mine in Canadian history. The Teck Resources’ Frontier mine would effectively signal Canada’s abandonment of its international climate goals. The mega mine would operate until 2067 and add 6 mega tons of emissions every year.

… and Boris Johnson is busy appointing Climate Change deniers to his closest cabinet. The next Global Climate Conference will be in Glasgow next year, and Johnson will certainly want to appear presidential like Trump. It is sure that he will want to show off his Climate Change credentials then, but we all know that he is also a pathological liar and he will have no hesitation to promote the very opposite if it suits his personal ambitions. 

… and Australia has managed to have huge areas of scrubland and forests burnt down with awful smoke pollution in Sydney and temperatures in the 50’s Centigrade. That is as hot as Saudi Arabia and has never been experienced before. Their Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, said there was no argument “about the links between broader issues of global climate change and weather events around the world…the direct connection to any single fire event is not a credible suggestion.” He is another genius and great leader.

One could also include India, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Russia in this same category of Climate Change deniers, but we do not because they are all seen by these English Speaking Countries to be rather backward places with lots of poor people and a lack of democracy!

There is a lot to be done if we want to beat the Climate Change crisis.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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