The New Finnish Government = Scrambled Egg

You can be quite sure that the next government in Finland will be very different from the last government, That is if the four parties involved in the talks to form a coalition can agree on anything, and keep to their “solemn” promises.

The Conservatives, the True Finns, the Swedish Folk Party, and the Christian Democrats all have very different agendas.

The Conservatives, who got 20% of the vote, are sponsored by business, and business expects their pound of flesh even though the party pretends to be the representatives of the wealthier middle-class. It is a good bet that they will cut the budgets for healthcare, education and unemployment insurance!´

The True Finns who also received some 20% of the vote, are a real xenophobic crowd. They want to limit immigration because they see Finland as one big, blue-eyed, blonde Christian family. They have even proposed that Finland exit from the EU, and say that international aid is for dummies. School and education are fine for their elite, but not really necessary for the masses who lap up their populist speeches like sheep at a trough at feeding time. Your correspondent does not believe that this party will keep the promises made to the Conservatives when negotiating to join this government. They know full well that the Conservatives rather desperate to run the next government with a right-wing manifesto.

The Swedish Folk Party has just a tiny share of the vote, like the Christian Democrats, making them useful to achieve a majority in parliament. However, they are insignificant in creating or guiding policy matters with the Conservatives and the True Finns dominated these matters.

Given the high level of inflation and the employers’ determination to dampen wage inflation, one can expect plenty of labour disputes in the coming months with this ultra-right-wing coalition government.

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