The Peak of Corruption…

After two exhausting days following the chaotic results of an election run by the mob, there should have been no new surprising shocks to scare us once more, but your correspondent was wrong.

The New York Times had written a piece (NYT 5.11.20) on the reaction of the Trump camp when Fox News announced that Arizona was won by Biden. The Trump camp immediately tried to get Fox News to retract this and they went to great lengths to pull every lever:

“Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, was also in touch with Rupert Murdoch, the Fox News owner, as the night wore on. And on Wednesday morning, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien, insisted the president would win Arizona by 30,000 votes.”

This just about sums up everything that is wrong with this government:

  1. Nepotism is rife – the strongest evidence of a Banana State is when the children and their husbands are appointed to key positions in and around the president or king.
  2. Big money begets political benefits – Mr. Murdoch is a multi-millionaire who has benefited royally from Trump, and vice versa, to the cost of ordinary folk.
  3. Fake news is deliberately produced – Fox has been behind the biggest news scams in history across the world and yet one of the only times they come out with something accurate the US President’s son rushes to shut them up!
  4. Division has been deliberately enjoined – armed white militants have been praised, women have been denigrated, poor people of colour disenfranchised and immigrants in need and their children treated like criminals. 

This election is the scary side of democratic process where determined villains are able to abuse “Freedom of Speech” and the “Rule of Law” with deep pockets financing legal challenges in the courts; by holding on to power with brazen lies to generate support from voters; by throwing rotten tomatoes at more honest opposition candidates.

The former head of the True Finns, Mr. Soini, a professing catholic, was the only political party leader from Finland who visited Trump’s breakfast event in the US shortly in 2017. The present head of the True Finns and his immediate senior colleagues have all expressed great affection for Trump. Likewise, Farage and lePen, in the UK and in France, have also joined the leaders of Poland and Hungary in their adoration of this self-proclaimed US christian leader. One wonders how long these people will keep on repeating this religious creed when the blatant facts of a truly secular life are recognised. 

This is a great example of a modern-day naked emperor, in a strip show, enjoying himself on his brightly lit stage in front of cheering supporters.

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