The Reaction of an Ordinary Russian

By Finnish Grandfather, 86 years

“The Russian will only react when the thunder rumbles and the lightning has already struck.”

This saying of a Finnish remote patrol soldier (important men in Winter War against the Soviets between 1941 – 1944) came to mind when I think about the current situation in Russia. 

His mother was Russian and his father partly Finnish. He had attended school in Vyborg, Finland, and fought against the Soviets in the war, and after the war lived an interesting life in Finland and the Soviet Union. He had learned Russian from his mother. From his father an idea of ​​the Russian people. With this friend of mine, a war invalid, I visited Leningrad several times. With his help I learned more about the mentality of the Soviets and the Russians.

I asked my friend what that sentence meant. He explained that an ordinary Russian does not dare and cannot prepare for thunder and lightning strikes because he cannot think of the destruction it will cause. Ordinary Russians believe in their destiny. It is not understood that the danger can be avoided by taking protective measures in advance. Russians will only react when the lightning strikes and the situation is over.

On this basis, I have thought about the current situation, and how Putin’s rise to power has been possible. Present day Russians, oppressed by ignorance, have allowed Putin to build a prison for themselves, from which there seems to be no way out. Only those who know what is really going on in the world can escape from there. 

Now the trains coming from St. Petersburg to Finland are already full, but there are only a few people going back there to St. Petersburg. Everyone can think for themselves what might happen next.

Don’t panic. It is worth remembering that the Truth is the first sacrifice when the war begins.

However, we can prepare for the situation in advance here in Finland and especially in Russia, when it is still possible. Any Russian who feared Putin may wonder how they might be received as they flee after the crash.

It is clear that the reception is different for those poor Ukrainians who are now fleeing the war started by the current rulers of Russia. 

This war is likely to be won more with information based on reality than with endless lies.

I can thank my friend who said the sentence mentioned at the beginning for the many Russian acquaintances I met through him. I do not know where and in what situation they are today. However, I hope that even their descendants will sometimes enjoy Russia, which was not created by intimidation, lies and behind the scenes of Potemkin.

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