The Rule of Law, or the lack of…

Should we be worried about the Rule of Law in America? You can certainly be worried about the lack of the rule of law in North Korea, China and Russia. Human rights are abused as a matter of policy to suit the financial, political and social interests of the rulers. They are the absolute monarchs because they control the Executive or the Ministers, the Legislative Branch or Parliament, and the Judiciary or the legal system. 

In all democracies, these three branches of government are, and should be, kept separate. This is one of the oldest foundations of democratic government that ensures the true Rule of Law.

Now we can see right before our eyes that the US president is holding the Republicans in the Legislative Branch hostage by threats of withdrawing his support if they vote or speak against him, thus harming their chances of re-election. He is also appointing senior judges that support him and his policies.

Commentators in the US talk about the resilience of the Constitution, but it appears that the president is attempting to make more changes that we have never seen before and should never be exposed to!

He has gone so far that even Finland’s Foreign Minister does not want to be seen in his company – and that is something from a right wing nationalist who has formally bent down on his knees in front of Trump & Co…

Even though Trump has not yet reached the extremes of North Korea, Russia or China, he is well on his way in the wrong direction. 

It is plainly obvious that very few foreign dignitaries want to visit him. Photo shots with him in his Florida Club are understood to be demeaning, unless you are from Russia, China or North Korea.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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