The Swedish Elections – Looks like a LogJam!

The Social Democrats had a good run in these elections with 30.5% of the vote with the Moderates (M), Conservative look-a-likes, and the Swedish Democrats (SD), xenophile nationalists, with just 20.6% and 19.1% respectively.

The convoluted Swedish voting system looks like favouring that the right-wing block will be asked to form a government because Swedes have always liked to avoid Left&Right coalitions, preferring political groups of the same feather. 

The reason is not based on reason only tradition. Now the M:s will have to form a government with the SD:s and that will not last long because they have traditionally been at each other’s throats. The other right-wing parties who will join this block are also an unruly crowd who dislike the SD intensely.

Anything can happen in dear old Swedish politics today. Even before they have finish counting the voting results tomorrow (13.09.2022) you can be quite sure that tempers will be raised in their confidential negotiations …

We may see that the largest party in this election end up eventually forming a real government, and not one run by squabbling children.

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