The Tokyo Olympics – Really Cheap at €25 Billion…

The media has sneaked in some news that the cost of the Tokyo Olympics will be around €15 billion for the Japanese government, with another €10 billion being contributed by Japan’s local governments.

That may sound like small change for the Olympic Committee and the big companies that are paying for sponsorship agreements but most of the rest of the world could have used that money for vaccinations and healthcare. 

It would be interesting to know why the leaders of democratically elected nations continue to agree to sign away so much money for the Olympics…. It’s crazy…

If sportsmen and sportswome want to compete they do not need an Olympic Committee and MacDonalds to organise such events. Netflix could do it more cheaply by renting a stadium for a couple of weeks, and invite the same athletes over as paid actors who them perform live like any of their TV programs.

Why we need a bunch of rich old men and former politicians to do this is beyond reason. 

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