The Un-United Kingdoms – Nordic Views…

Voting for conservative political parties appears to be fraught with division. The word “Conservative” used in the political context means “averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values.” This definition of Boris Johnson & Co. could equally apply to Putin, Xi and Trump since they all believe in the old ways – nationalism, male chauvinism, and class systems where the leaders are lusting after the power of money at the expense of the ordinary folk.

But these people also isolate their countries – let’s look at the brave new Un-United Kingdom.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a large number of his own party’s Members of Parliament who have voted to boot him out. Hardly a united party, and one that will be sliced some more in the next elections.

The United Kingdom also has an elderly monarch who has no real role as head of state except for shaking hands and having cucumber sandwiches and tea with visitors. Her huge staff of hangers-on must be worried that her son, the next one in line for wearing a shiny gold and diamond crown, has been caught taking suitcases full of cash (one million dollars) from some Arab prince for his “charities”, a nice word for his profitable agricultural business, while his brother has got caught what looks like dating an under-aged girl…

… and Charles’ sons are at each others’ throats – there is a large pot of money for the winner. Not a very united family there either.

Several of their Commonwealth countries are now declaring themselves as independent countries and thus ditching the English monarch as head of state, and some are even planning to file demands for reparations – we can call this too an Un-United Kingdom Commonwealth!

Then the Un-United Kingdom is also cutting itself off from friends in the EU, and the ones in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland by tearing up a solemn trade agreement with the EU that they only made a few years ago – another great step forward for the Un-United Kingdom.

Now Boris also appears to be tearing up another agreement by not giving cash and support to the poor folks in the North – thus reversing another solemn promise made last year to tackle UK’s ‘North-South’ divide! 

So far the Brexit Un-Unite has forced a huge devaluation of the Pound Sterling to historical lows causing huge increases in imported food. Local food producers who voted Brexit are now complaining that results are not what they have hoped for since foreign farm labours are banned from entering the country!

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