They Want to Look Like Successful CEO’s!

It is totally improbable that the Russian President and his Foreign Affairs Minister dress up like Wall Street bankers.

They wear dark suits, fine white shirts, and red silk ties with shiny black shoes and pose with expensive watches. They sit in palatial rooms with huge marble tables and big sculptures portraying historical Russian monarchs. 

The two of them see themselves are great Russian leaders, taking Russia forward as a shining example of a successful country where everybody has the best possible life with plenty of food, great healthcare and a wonderful warm homes…   

But dressing up like Wall Street bankers does not exactly fit the picture. 

We all know that they are only there because they have stolen power by having total control over of the media and by having a security apparatus that brutally stifles any form of opposition. They kill journalists, they poison opposition leaders with radioactive chemicals, and are prepared to kill and rape civilian men, women and children in the name of protecting Russia when it suits their wicked aims.

They even have a church that will repeat the fake stories of greatness and wonder of Putin’s Russia. You cannot get much more cynical than that when you are using religion to justify war crimes against innocent children and women.

So now, with stolen billions and blood on their hands from dead Russians and Ukrainians, these two men feel that they can now dress up like successful bankers!

They want to portray themselves and Russia as a successful country that is a “super power” on the world stage while denying the reality that they are just mafia bosses of a country where most of the population is hopelessly poor and live in appalling conditions. 

Dressing up in fine clothes does not make them into great leaders – quite the opposite!

Their appearance tells us that they are fake all the way down to the leather soles of their shoes.

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