This Week in Finnish Politics – Elections for Austerity!

We had our election, and the biggest surprise is that none of them got a clear mandate, even though the right-wing boys and girls have been trying to tell everybody that they have a mandate for change!

The three largest parties emerged from the election with almost equal 20% shares. The rest of the bunch were far behind.

None of the parties secured a mandate – and even the two largest right-wing parties togthrtr  did not secure any majority.

A coalition of sorts will be returned after a few weeks of promises, of which many will be about are sturdy as a thin reed blowing in the wind.

One thing we know already is that all the parties appear to suffer from forgetfulness once they jump into their ministerial Mercedes!  

The bookmakers are betting that the Conservatives will jump into bed with the True Finns. They still need a couple of small parties to get more than 100 seats in Parliament…

The result of that will mean plenty of bad backroom deals where both parties will see their popularity sink as voters begin to realise that they will be facing some unexpected costly solutions that will reduce their disposable income, as well as producing sizeable cuts in public services. However, the good news is that privatisation will produce nice incomes for the few, with the vast majority of us having to pay more than before. But we will all be impressed with the high salaries that some will receive when the annual income tax data is published in the press – really!

Don’t hold you breathe for news stories about improvements in the Nordic welfare state… the moneylenders are out for their pound of flesh.

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