This Week in Finnish Politics – More Farce…

Last November Trump’s supporters attacked the Capitol, while many Republicans still claim Biden stole the election. In Myamar, the army has been shooting at their own people who are protesting  against the rule by the militia. In Ethiopia, we have a recent Nobel winning peace prize PM at war with his own people. And in Israel, the Israeli government has retaliated against Israeli citizens of Arab descent who have been launching deadly rocket attacks.

In Finland, the True Finns have been busy attacking our own democratic institutions too!

They have just finished an attack on Parliament with a four-day speech marathon, the purpose of which was to stop the Recovery Fund from being approved by an existing two-thirds majority. The party thinks that Finland is losing its independence because:

  1. The Recovery Fund is the first step towards a Federal Europe, because the EU is now allowed to issue bonds on behalf of all member states.
  2. The EU is now getting the right to tax residents, 
  3. Finland must pay cash (more than €1 billion) to poorly managed countries in the EU, and that cash be better used at home where it is needed.

The party can see no useful purpose for the establishment of this Fund even though there can be no doubt that it will stimulate demand and bring about a faster recovery in Europe which is our biggest trading partner. The “little lovelies” do not even have the guts to propose that Finland should leave the EU, they are just provoking less well-informed voters to vote for them, in the same way that Trump has manipulated the same type of people to support his lost causes. It is worth noting here that Brexit has resulted in around 20% fall in exports to the EU, a huge fall in GDP, and an almost complete stop in foreign direct investment into the UK. A brilliant result from a useless government. 

The True Finns ignored the fact that Finland has been paying large amounts of money into the EU pot for years. We have also been shareholders and contributors in the EIB, EBRD and in other various European development funds where huge amounts of our hard-earned cash have always gone to these countries and where we have long-term liabilities and benefits too! These existing commitments of member states to these EU institutions are similar to member states’ future commitments to the EC that is issuing bonds for the planned Recovery Fund. 

The True Finn leader should know this because he was a MEP for several years before becoming the master of the universe. He appears to be suffering from forgetfulness along side his friends in the Conservative party. These people have been huge supporters of the EU for years and years, but perversely they initially decided to abstain from voting in favour of the Fund because they said that the terms of the Recovery Fund were bad for Finland. With their strong opposition voices they claimed that Finland had not achieved the best possible result for the country, a claim that opposition parties often make, a claim that is reversed as soon as they come to power. It is doubtful that Finland could have secured more in such negotiations. In any event, their men in the EU Parliament had already voted in favour of the terms and conditions and later they reversed their decision with such a complicated reason that even the editor-in-chief could not fathom it out.

Original Photo: The Joker by Rameshng on Wikipedia

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