This Week in Politics – True Finns Are Not True

The True Finns, that Xenophobic nationalist right-wing group of Finnish politicians, attract a lot of attention in the media and support from their ardent supporters while they stay in opposition. The picture changes quickly when they join any government.  

A former hardcore group of some 20 True Finn MP’s jumped ship a few years ago and joined the government. This resulted in every one of them losing their seats in the  following general election, but not before giving in to the demands of the bigger parties!

The present leader of the True Finns is considered by some to be a shrewd man because they have done well in the polls. They are currently the most favoured party just a few months after the last general elections. That speaks more about gullible uninformed voters than an excellent and convincing manifesto from the Truth Finns. This sam leader keeps repeating the same message loud and clear just like the Tweeting guy on the other side of the ocean:

  1. He says that the present government is bringing ISIS terrorists to Finland and thereby threatening our security. Not true.
  2. The claims that present immigration policy can result in a €50 billion cost for taxpayers over the next 10 years. Not true.
  3. He claims that Finland has been humbled by the EU and bowed to Brussels for decades. Not true.
  4. His shadow budget is an interesting mix of nationalistic fanciful thinking that would never happen if they got elected into government, but it is colourful enough to win over bigoted voters. The other parties would not support many of their demands.
  5. He also repeats his adulation for the right-wing extremist party, the Sweden Democrats, a rather nasty bunch of thugs who also want to look nice and innocent – another wolf in sheep’s clothing…
  6. Now they are nothing like Trump & Co., they even have some useful points in the shadow budget but they too understand that making big radical changes in conservative Finland is hard. They have also been in government for a few years not long ago and ended up doing the opposite to what they are proposing now.

We all know what politicians end up doing when they say that they will drain the swamps!

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