Thoughts on EU immigration and EU management

Germany has proposed transition centers on their southern borders to allow for accelerated deportations of refugees who are not entitled to seek asylum in the country.

In response Austria and Italy have said that if this happens they may close their borders because they do not want to be at the receiving end of huge refugee flows.

The EU’s Dublin Regulation establishes a Europe-wide fingerprinting database for unauthorized entrants to the EU. The Dublin Regulation aims to “determine rapidly the Member State responsible for an asylum claim and provides for the transfer of an asylum seeker to that Member State. Usually, the responsible Member State will be the state through which the asylum seeker first entered the EU.

The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights claim that theregulation limits the legal rights and personal welfare of asylum seekers, including the right to a fair examination of their asylum claim. Many problems are said to occur, like the separation of families and the denial of an effective opportunity to appeal against transfers.

The Dublin system also increases pressures on the external border regions of the EU, where the majority of asylum seekers enter the EU and where states are often least able to offer asylum seekers support and protection.

The German government’s attempt to make a new proposal on dealing with immigration has led to a meeting in Innsbruck with Interior Ministers from member states to discuss these measures this week.

Finland has stated that it does not agree with an EU policy based on automatic placement of refugees according to a country’s GDP, size and population. It’s desired policy is based on each country’s voluntary agreement to take refugees.

Nobody is denying the rights of refugees but the flood of economic immigrants who want to move to Europe is causing disruption. The reasons for this disruption cannot be placed only with the immigrants – do not we all want a better life? However, politicians and some media companies have preached fear about the dangers of uncontrolled immigration. Criminal gangs have sought take advantage of the profitable business of moving economic immigrants into Europe via Greece Italy and Spain.

Europe was not ready for these huge flows and they caused huge disruption – they had no policies and had very little experience in dealing with the massive needs of these people:

  1. There are major cultural and social differences that are difficult to reconcile
  2. Many immigrants have no interest to be integrated into national communities because there are tendencies for them to live together in low cost areas where jobs are hard to find.
  3. Large numbers of such poorly educated immigrants can place heavy financial costs on individual countries. Many immigrant adults have no work appropriate skills and poor language abilities making them difficult to employ.
  4. Local people are now frightened of having big transit centers in their own towns and cities.

There can be no doubt that Europe cannot continue taking huge numbers of economic immigrants who then take advantage of appealing in the courts against decision to deport them back to their home country.

Transit centers and tight border controls around the borders of Europe are sensible alternatives because the problems of the poor cannot be solved by having more and more immigrants flooding into Europe.

Another question is how much money should Europe invest in helping their countries of origin to develop? Much aid has gone to the pockets of corrupt politicians, but much aid has also done much good – how can we ensure that aid goes to the right addresses?

Another question is Climate Change – are we doing enough to stop drought, flooding and pollution?

We know that our neighbors and the American President are trying to destabilize Europe. We should tell them firmly that we cannot accept such behavior.

Attitudes need to change within the EU… and we need clearer, more humane and united policies managed together by all member nations. We do not need neo-right-wing politician again to start a witch-hunt against “foreigners” and those in dire fear for their lives. We saw enough of that during the last 70 years just in Europe.

These are the biggest matters to be discussed with EU and not the question of a United States of Europe.

And the EU should try to find path to stop Brexit, and stop poking fun at the British like Junker is doing all the time…

We need a united Europe with responsible management of joint affairs.

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