Time to Inspect Orban’s Accounts

The international media has been writing and talking about corruption at the highest levels in Hungry for many years.

Transparency International reported in 2022 that Hungary was seen as the most corrupt country in the EU – see above graphic.

In 2022, the EU had demanded that Orban’s government start tackling corruption or “risk losing EU funds”. So far only low-ranking officials have been charged, while no senior officials have been visited by members of the law enforcement.

The fact that the EU approved freeing up €10 billion for Hungary to soften up Orbàn’s attitude towards Ukraine is hardly a step in the right direction, but more of a promise to look the other way when others embezzle our cash for a life of luxury!

Family members of Hungary’s leader, Mr. Orbàn, and his oldest and closest “friends” have been seen to become very rich.

With all this being reported for several years it seems disheartening that, so far, nobody has been put on trial for corruption for the misuse of EU funds.

Your correspondent has been working on many infrastructure projects for the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development, EBRD. Every invoice for work done and services performed by my team for each project were always carefully scrutinized by EBRD staff.

The same processes are in place in every public and private entity in the Nordic region, and we should expect the same discipline from the EU and its organisation! It is important that we do not see criminals and cheats siphoning off our hard-earned cash.

So instead of welcoming Orbàn in Brussels, the fine people in the EU Commission and in the European Parliament should proceed immediately with a serious investigation into the above people, including Mr. Orbàn himself.

Hungary is a member of the European Union and as such is bound by the Rule of Law and that includes all our leaders.

Transparency and honesty are always required, and the slightest hint of financial misdemeanors needs to be investigated without delay.

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