To Russian People – Putin’s Cruelty Equals Hitler’s

Writing about Putin and his brutal war in Ukraine is important because people must understand that what he is doing is identical to what Adolf Hitler was doing 75 years ago.

… and nobody can deny that they do not know what he did:

  • He sent his own men and women to their deaths because he wanted to grab large parts of Europe that did not belong to Germany.
  • He bombed London and many other major cities.
  • He gassed Jews and other innocent civilians in concentration camps.
  • He used his own paramilitary group of men called Schutzstaffel, the SS, who killed and tortured our soldiers.

Not only is Putin sending his Russian men to their deaths for no good reason, but now he is sending bombs and missiles to destroy millions of tons of grain and other food that Ukraine wants to export to the world!

The result is a disaster for millions of poor families in Africa and in the Middle East who depend on these supplies. Men, women, and children will starve who have no connection to Russia or Ukraine!

Putin’s actions are those of a demented fool and war criminal – there are no words that can be used to describe this monster.

You Russians have lost all credibility in the eyes of the world because of his brutal actions that cannot be ignored.

Now Remember It is your men who are dying when fighting a brutal invasion of Ukraine, a country that posed no threat to Russia.

Now Remember – It is only Putin and his inner circle of oligarchs and military officers who are living in luxury at your expense. They are not fighting on the front lines but sit securely in deep bunkers like cowards with the very best food and wine, women and bodyguards indulging all their demented wishes.

Historians blamed Rome’s infamous emperor, Nero, for the fire who was playing the fiddle while his city went up in flames. Hitler’s capital was also burning with flames and bombs when he eventually committed suicide

You are allowing these men and their families to steal your natural resources and your men’s lives for their own comfort! They are giving you crumbs and death in return for your enduring support. They are thieves, murderers, and war criminals… nothing less… The longer you wait, the more guilt on your shoulders.

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