Today’s Olympics Cost Us Too Much

The Olympic Games, as they are organised today, should be stopped for the following simple reasons:

  1. Corruption is rife within many parts of the Olympic organisations.
  2. Many participating nations are run by despots and war criminals who want to whitewash their countries’ reputations.
  3. So-called political “dignitaries” turn up in private jets, along with thousands of spectators.
  4. Sponsors pay exorbitant fees to sell unhealthy food and drinks that cause mass obesity that lead to painful illnesses and early deaths.
  5. Many athletes get caught taking performance enhancing drugs while others don’t get caught. 
  6. Grand sport arenas are also left empty… even in countries where decent housing is insufficient. 
  7. Very little Olympic money does not support sport but fills the pockets of small group of beneficiaries – mainly old men in grey suits.

It is hard to understand why Nordic taxpayers and other local taxpayers from the countries where the events take place are liable for huge costs for white elephant projects.

The latest scandal is in Japan and come after the scandalous extravagance of China, Greece, Russia, London, (this list is already too long…), etc., where the same money, in billions of dollars, could have been used for healthcare, care of the aged and education, and housing all badly needed in every country mentioned here! 

Just think about how a few old men and very few women can spend billions of dollars on an event that barely lasts a month! 

It may be fun for the athletes, but who really cares who wins or loses when the costs are astronomical and removed from real and important basic needs. 

It is time to pack up shop and have more modest local events without sponsors and gray old men in suits… if that does not happen they are welcome to pay for it themselves without taxpayers’ contributions…

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