Tokyo Street & Muji Offer Safe Solutions

Tokyo Street and Muji have faced up to the challenge posed by this pandemic in the best possible way.

Tokyo Street Helsinki has developed in a few days an App for Android Phones and iPhones called “Tokyo Street Helsinki” – the App allows people in Helsinki to order their delicious meals that will be delivered free to customers!

Take a look at the App and try out a safe food delivery service – it beats Wolt and Foodera because Tokyo Street is doing everything themselves, including the delivery. It is their way of keeping people fed and letting them keep their hardworking staff.

Muji has agreed to open Tokyo Street at a later date – they have also implanted strict cleaning guidelines in their spacious shop. You can shop their safely so long as you avoid close contact with other customers. Muji is one of the most spacious shops in Helsinki with an excellent selection of clothes, food and other useful things you need in the house.



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