Tomato & Cucumber Politics from True Finns

Here is a nice one as they say in Little Britain… The True Finns, the Finnish equivalent to Little Britain, have discovered a new way to satisfy the Xenophobic needs of their ardent supporters.

According to the True Finns, (that was their former name – now they call themselves “the Finns”), immigrants are receiving huge amounts of social security support because they are not working. This money, according to the True Finns, could be better spent on care of the elderly and more money for  native Finns. 

“Hooray” for the True Finns who want to support deserving native Finns by cutting down on what they regard, in their daily tweets, to be unwanted foreigners who are sucking the lifeblood out of our great Christian country by coming here to be subsidised without working. If that sounds familiar then it should be because the True Finns have picked up some of Trump’s nasty habits.

The True Finns then then prove the point by using a small town in the west of Finland as an example. It is called Närpiö, (pronounced “Nah…pea…uh”) and it is a small rural town that has a lot of hard working people working in greenhouses where tomatoes and cucumbers are grown in vast numbers. It is an old and traditional place near the sea with lots of fine granite rocks and forest lands.

Many of the workers there are immigrants who, according to the True Finns are paid low wages that are then supplemented by social services handouts… 

Anders Adlercreutz, a MP at the Finnish Parliament, pointed out in a report to the opposition party, that Närpiö has 1 500 immigrants in the 10 000 population, many of whom are working in the greenhouses doing agricultural work in good conditions for a decent wages. There is a huge need for these specialised, diligent workers all year round. Housing is cheap there and schools and healthcare services are free and of high quality like the rest of this country. The workers income taxes pay for these services. Unemployment in the municipality is really low at just above 4%, which is one of the best in the whole country – in fact around half the national unemployment rate. According to official figures some 20 immigrants, out of the 1500, are receiving some social support payments. That represents 1.3% of their total, a figure so low that the True Finns should be ashamed of them selves for such fake news. 


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