Top Jobs at the EU – Competence or Political Broiler?

When two “very important gentlemen” meet in north Korea, with bodyguards and photographers, you cannot help wondering if the photographers and the bodyguards are there to stop one knocking off the other. We know that Mr. T fires staff and Mr. K like to fire staff too, but in another way with real guns!

We all know that nothing will come of this meeting, except a lot of love letters which is good news for Pride Week…

It looks like the same things are happening in the EU, when the EU leaders are now coming together to try to decide who will be the President of this and that in the EU.

It is probable that we will get the same sort of people that run the USA and north Korea.

The last thing the EU leaders seem to be interested in is having really good competent people running the show. Giving the job to an unemployed ex-PM of a small country or big country is like buying a car from a second-hand car salesman who is telling us that this is a great car when the bottom is so rusty that the engine falls out on the first ride.

With Brexit, Italy’s accounting tricks, and attempts by Poland and Hungary to milk the EU without adhering to the rule of law and basic democratic values, with, worse of all, its weak policies on climate change, there is little for us to believe that they can agree on appointing new decent bosses. So it looks like we will have tough chickens for the next 4 Christmases from the expected political broilers…


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