Transport Minister & Centre Party try to buy votes with €2,000 tax cut for wealthy to buy Tesla electric cars

Most people will not even dream of paying €50 000 or more for a car. That is the cost of a Tesla or other expensive electric car that older men can show off with, like red Ferraris and Porsches.

Even when you are wealthy, paying outrageous sums for something as ordinary as a car is nuts.

Having Finland’s “austerity” government handing out other people’s hard-earned tax money to the wealthy is not only nuts, it is best described as insulting to ordinary voters of the Centre Party to which this Minister belongs.

Her habit of making foolish proposals like this has followed her for the past 2 years while she has been sitting as the Transport Minister. Her behaviour can also explain why voter support for the Centre Party is in sharp decline.

It also appears that the Conservative Party and the Blue Future Group, the Centre Party’s partners in the government’s coalition, also support this ridiculous proposal.

It may ring true as a proposal for the rich folk who finance the Conservative Party, but the rank and file will get little benefit from this.

It is important to recall that education, healthcare, and care of the elderly budgets are all being cut by this government. How can any minister justify support for the wealthy with a tax cut for buying or leasing an electric cars?

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