Trouble does not come in threes…

Most readers will understand the following three sayings, which should most certainly be understood to teach us an important lesson:

Bad news come in threes”, “When it rains it pours”, “Trouble never comes alone…”

They are all related to what we feel often happens when small things go wrong at home. It is usually followed by another problem, and then another piece of bad news…

The above sayings do not give justice to what has really been happening these last decades when far more than three super rich men have been acquiring more and more at the expense of the rest of us. They have been doing it without any other good reason other than greed for more…

“Trouble” and “Bad news” are too weak as words to describe what has been happening in Europe, USA and in Asia.

Today we are being faced with terrible news about Putin. He has committed awful war crimes for no good reason, boasts to his countrymen as war heroes, and talks about using nuclear weapons to save Mother Russia.

Here is a man who has money and power in huge dollops; much more than he can ever use in his lifetime. You would think that enough is enough but no, he wants more and more and appears never to have enough! Not only has he been acquiring more money and power, but he has done it by taking resources away from his own people and from millions of other innocent people who happen to get in his way as he goes on his path of mindless destruction. He is totally mad and dangerous.

You would think that this behavior is an isolated event – one that Nassim Nicholas Taleb describes in his book “The Black Swan”, but that is certainly not the case.

Trump in the USA has been the worst of the bunch because he should know better. There is no excuse when the Republican Party cannot find the gumption and moral aptitude to distance themselves from this liar, cheat and half-witted moron.

We have seen the back of Brazil’s Bolsonaro hopefully for a while. This man has openly supported the destruction of massive areas of the Brazilian rainforest so he and his rich supporters can enrich themselves with unsustainable soyabean plantations for cattle. He decried the science of climate change as enthusiastically as Trump.

Then we have Mr. Xi, the Chinese boss who refuses to step down even though he too has more than any one person can ever consume. He should know better too because he has travelled the world and must know that absolute power based on egoism normally ends badly. Unfortunately, he is just following a long line of similar Chinese leaders. Why does this have be so in this connected world? Why do millions have to be crushed, why don’t these people see that life is better when people are free to live their lives in peace with their families in safe clean environments.

The list goes on to be far longer than three – just think about the people at the helm of a few countries in the Middle East, Africa, South America and in Asia… no more needs to be said…

But even in the richest countries we have CEOs of big companies that want more and more and make terrible mistakes in the business. Banks and financial giants like Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, AIG, Citibank, Dresdner Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Dexia, AMRO Bank, just to name a few, have been run into the ground for consumers and taxpayers to cover the losses.

A number of big companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Uber, Tesla, We Work have all seen their market value fall dramatically during the last months – the few men at the top seem to have lost contact with reality when they live in their bubbles of billions of dollars. Why do many of these people need to show off their incredible wealth with their super-yachts, private jets, expensive cars, trophy wives and phony lifestyles?

Here in the Nordics, we have not been immune to bigger is better – In Finland we have seen the sinking ships of SKOP bank, Nokia and Fortum’s investment in Uniper, all of which have cost us a pretty penny.

In the Nordic countries we and our children can have a good family life, get a great education, enjoy good infrastructure in a clean environment, vote without fear of reprisals, feel reasonably equal and get fair treatment under a fair legal system. Most of us enjoy the benefits of good public healthcare and have warm comfortable homes. We do not miss these horrible men, but we fear their influence. Jonson, Truss along with Berlusconi and a few others are hopefully quickly passing shadows that remind us of what should not happen in our political systems… So it is useful to remind ourselves that:

“Bad News Do Not Come in Threes, but many more times…”

We do not want stupid despots and greedy politicians to take over anywhere near our lives because they ultimately end up emptying the bank and our pockets.

PS – The Financial Times recently reviewed a new book by Andy Borowitz called “How America’s Politicians Got Dumb and Dumber”. The newspaper came out with this headline: ”Profiles in Ignorance — are America’s politicians getting dumber?

This newspaper has also not hidden its opinions about the UK’s last four Prime Ministers – 45 days from start to finish must be a world record for idiocy that is barely worse than that of Johnson! Fo the time being the Nordics have high quality leaders in whom we can trust.

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