Trump willing to kill more innocents

His Education Secretary of State, Ms. DeVos, is a rich woman, pictured above, who is seeking to use taxpayers’ money to buy guns for school teachers to use at schools – to keep the little ones safe! 

Her brother, Mr. Prince (also pictured above), is the former owner and CEO of Blackwater Inc. He made his fortune from running and selling Blackwater Inc., the private army mercenary company. The company was shut down after its employees killed 14 unarmed civilians in Iraq. 

He is now lobbying Trump for his renamed company called “Academi” to send thousands of his private army “troops” to Afghanistan. 

Trump appears to be in favour of this proposal that will line the pockets of these awful people that want to use others to risk their lives.

Trump has stepped away from the Paris Accord on Climate Change.

Trump is allowing coal to be mined and burned on a grand scale and thereby polluting the skies.

The consequences of his actions make our world unsafe and more polluted…

Isn’t it time to start thinking about imposing some sanctions on the USA, because he and his administration are behaving like the North Korean despot. 

The only difference is that he has a terrible arsenal of nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction.

He and his gang of crooks are really dangerous.

We should be relieved that the EU did not sign the TIPP Trade Treaty with the USA – they just cannot be trusted.

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