Trump & Putin Share Love for Lies but Nothing Else

Trump still thinks he won the last election, and he claims he did not steal or hide top secret papers!

The Washington Post compiled data on “false or misleading claims” in four years, during Trump’s term as President of the United States, – their fact-checker had tallied the number as 30,573 by January 2021, an average of about 21 per day by the end of his presidency.

Putin does better because almost every statement made by him is false or misleading. That is the very nature of a war criminal despot. They live by treachery and lies to keep themselves in power. In fact, after stealing, killing, and pretending to be a Christian leader he is also outstanding in his ability to lie.

Like Trump, he lies to foreigners and to his own people. He even has the latter poisoned, shot, knifed or pushed out of 6th floor windows if they disagree with him by telling an uncomfortable truths.

Trump does not resort to such brutal antics, but rather prefers to call his opponents silly names, without realising that the rest of the world thinks that this man is just a dumb clown…

… and that is where the two men differ, because Putin is a brutal person and not a dumb clown like Trump.

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