Trump Quantum Genius – Likes & Dislikes WTO Simultaneously

Trump cannot be faulted for diversity and being a genius.

His decision to impose 100% tariffs on French and other EU products is a stroke of genius because he will get the French to pay for these tariffs which they will not pay, but his US consumers will, or according to him will not… that is a genius thinking here…

No other US President has ever been so smart. His decision to close down the WTO is a great example – he saw that the WTO is unfair to the US and stopped appointed judges there, while praising the WTO when it decides that Airbus had received state aid from the EU!

He has shown that he can be in TWO STATES at the same time in almost every action he makes:

  1. He likes and dislikes Macron.
  2. He loves and hates MbS, Kim and Putin.
  3. He knows and does not know his EU ambassador who gave him over €1 million election funding!
  4. He feels for women and doesn’t.
  5. He loves trade deals and doesn’t.
  6. He loves soldiers but doesn’t want to be one, except loves to be Commander in Chief (… and that is THREE STATES).
  7. He says Obama is an African but knows that that is not true.
  8. He wants a wall to be paid for by Mexico but builds one without the Mexicans paying.
  9. Oh he is such a versatile genius or not…


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