Trump tries to Undermine Sweden’s Independent Judiciary

One of the most important parts of the rule of law in any democracy is that the legal system is totally independent from political interference.

Democracy cannot exist if the legal system is warped by political interference.

This is probably the most important foundation of democracy in the western world in addition to freedom of speech. 

An independent judiciary guarantees that no man is above the law and that all men are judges equally before the courts.

This key principle is now being challenged by the American president who was callous enough to call the Swedish Prime Minister to release an American pop singer who was arrested by the Swedish police for a serious fight in central Stockholm and imprisoned before trial.

The Swedish Prime Minister told Trump that he could not interfere in a legal process because Sweden adheres to the rule of law where the judiciary is independent. 

Prison is where the person belongs in such serious cases until the legal system runs its course.

Such behaviour by Trump is a continuation of his shameful and disrespectful  behaviour. He should know better, but nobody in his own party or family has the guts to tell him! 

The alarm bells are ringing when voters, politicians and others are scared of their country’s leader.  

The Swedish Prime Minister is to be respected for his firm message to Trump…

Photo: Wikipedia

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