Trump was Extremely Rude to the Finnish President

Most people here in Finland think that Trump was inconsiderate and not respectful to the Finnish President at the recent press conference in Washington.

It is unacceptable that any leader should be shouting words like “treason”, or boasting “it is said that I am a stable genius”, or accusing opposition Democrat politicians of “serious crimes.”

These actions and accusations bore no connection to the reason for the press conference, which was meant to review the important discussion points from the meeting of the two heads of state in Washington. 

Mr. Niinistö did not travel all the way to Washington to hear a shouting match between a few members of the American press and their president.

It also appears that the American press have been encouraged to play the same game with the American President as they continued to ask questions not relevant to the press conference. When two leaders meet and organise a press conference, the press should stay with the subject at hand and not delve into unrelated topics.

Your correspondent has never seen such behaviour in Finland from any president – the behaviour of the US President was beyond any sense of decency.

Such bad behaviour from both the US President and those present from the American press is shocking and can only undermine the trust of the people in the country’s government and in the independence and honesty of the press.

Most Finns think that such behaviour is not acceptable and the American President should issue a public apology to the Finnish people for putting our President in such an embarrassing position.

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