Trump’s “Ad hominem” explained…

This picture circulated by the German government shows the world that one country has a leader who appears to behave like a spoilt child when responding to justly earned criticism.

The Candaians were furious with Trump who insulted their Prime Minister. They used the expression “Ad hominem” to described what Trump was doing from his seat in Airforce One that was taking him into the arms of the US’s arch enemy.

“Ad hominem” is Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”), and is short for “argumentum ad hominem”, which is a silly strategy where genuine discussion is avoided by attacking the character of another person making the argument.

We need free trade and we need calm politicians who can negotiate like adults… hopefully that is not too much to ask!

Photo released on Twitter by the German government. Photograph: Jesco Denzel/AFP/Getty Images

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