Two Chairs, a Finnish Central Banker and a US Senator

Your correspondent sometimes falls off his chair when some politician or businessman makes an outrageous statement or is offended when a journalist asks a fair question. Here are two of those chair-falling experiences:

Fraudulent elections – Trump managed to keep up the theme without giving a shred of hard evidence of widespread fraud. In fact he could not even show the courts even a crumb of fraud let alone widespread fraud. But falling off the chair was not caused by listening to Trump, but it was caused by the Texan senator Mr. Ted Cruz, who just repeated these falsehoods even though he was educated as a lawyer at those famously expensive universities, Harvard Law School and Princetown. Not only did this man keep on repeating them but he mocked Biden by saying that he preferred to support Paris in France to supporting American cities – meaning that the poor man thought the Paris Climate Agreement was a French thing! Talk about talking nonsense to gain support from his voters who must be equally dumb or even more so… nobody, not even Cruz, could claim ignorance of this Agreement. You have to wonder why people like him get elected –  and that really does reveal how elections can be fraudulent! The meaning of fraud is “wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.” Getting to keep a nice job by making untruthful claims as an elected representative in the US Senate results certainly in personal gain.

Finnish Presidential Ambitions – After 4 years of Trump perhaps voters should have learnt something. You should never vote for a person to be president because he wants to empty any swamps, earn a lot of fame and money on the job, or because he is so ambitious nothing else will do! But the chair collapsed yesterday when the Governor of our central bank in Helsinki, a small branch office of the European Central Bank, said that he is considering such a move but not until the work is completed to kill off the pandemic crisis, the economic crisis and the employment crisis. He said that becoming president should be the best way too help Finland and that he would consider taking on the job later, when presumably he has solved all those terrible crisis! This is a man who takes himself far too seriously, and whose ambition is so great that it is frightening, especially since most of his career steps have been possible because he is a party member of the Center Party. When asked by a journalist during this TV discussion about this party affiliation, he replied, obviously irritated like Trump, that he is an independent central banker, whatever that means… Is it impossible to dream about a complete ban on appointing ambitious political appointees to all the soft jobs?

Photo of Mr. Rehn by Moritz Kosinsky / Wikipedia

Photo of Mr. Cruz: U.S. Senate Photographic Studio -Wikipedia

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