Two years of hard work brings success for VuoLearning!

FinnishNews ran a story just 2 years ago about VuoLearning. They were then creating an interesting application that presents text, numbers, pictures and videos from teachers and coaches in a single neat format from the cloud to their students’ and trainees’ smart phones and laptops.
Any type of content can be seamlessly exported to the VuoLearning application using highly efficient and patented software that this innovative  company has developed.
The result is astounding because the presentation material is available to the course’s selected students/trainees who may then interact freely with the teacher or coach over a multiple of paths.
The teacher/coach can also see who has been reading and studying the material, assisted with some smart algorithms producing analysis of how students/trainees are faring with material.
VuoLearning are also cooperating with several there educational partners with whom they are now creating new bespoke solutions and applications.
The last 2 years have not been easy. The founding partners have put in many hours of work on finalising the application, way above normal working hours, while at the same time having to find clients willing to buy licences for using the application. 

Johanna Pellinen, CEO and Founder says, Although there has been online training for few decades already, the market change is a rather more complex. The market has become more mature for online solutions and the needs for more agile online training is real as companies need more specific training with shorter lifecycles.

There is need to train more, faster, and with more specific topics for groups of people when it is impossible to get them in the same room for several hours. This is why online training is becoming a new norm in business life.

This is also the reason for more efficient production online training and easier tools for trainers to use. We are now serving a completely new emerging user base that has greater scale than online training used to have. E-learning used to be produced by e-learning specialists – now it has to be done by topic specialists who cannot invest so much time studying new technologies.

So what is new is not E-learning itself, but the totally new scale in the production, with e-learning becoming the new normal and integrating to on-site trainings. I would say blended learning is one of the smartest products of digitalization – doing online what can easily be done online and using the on-site time on focusing on specific problems (indicated by analytics, assignments or discussions) that require human interactions.”

Here is a really useful example of how Helsinki University is already using VuoLearning’s application for its Massive Open Online Courses(MOOC’s):

There is also an interesting webinar is now available here explaining how Vuolearning has been implemented at this link VuoLearning:

Finally, it is useful to mention that  LearningLight has reviewed the VuoLearning application:

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