UK also has huge number of bad care homes

In the UK there are some 12 000 care homes for the aged.

This June 2018, over 400 of these care homes had been listed as being the very bad by Care Quality Commission, the UK regulator for care homes for the aged.

All of them have been classified as being either unsafe, uncaring, ­irresponsible or badly led and face the threat of closure if improvements are not made in six months because the residents are at risk.

The worst care included horrible matters like inadequate food, dehydration, unsafe housing, filthy beds, urine soaked clothes, torn clothes, and in several cases the resident were not washed properly for days and weeks! In some of the places the owners have not revealed how many people had died there, how many patients were not given proper care, and how many staff were not properly trained.

It is estimated that over 70 000 more care will be needed in the next decade.

Furthermore, The findings come after a report released in the UK warned that one in six care home companies is in danger of insolvency.

Andrew Dilnot, warden of Nuffield College at Oxford University, said: “Expenditure on the care of older people will need to increase substantially and quickly. It will be important to ensure that this expenditure is managed efficiently, and in particular that the boundary between health and care is well handled.”

However, spending on the regulator, the Care Quality Commission, is being cut – it is wonderful to have these right-wing Conservative governments who really are about the aged! We see the same trend in Finland too from our own right-wing parties – the Conservative and Centre Parties.


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