UK scientists create Quantum Event from Brexit 

You and the rest of the universe are made up from atoms that are made up from even smaller things that have extraordinary names. These tiny things are so small and fragile that when any scientist tries look at them with a microscope they just instantly change into something else…

The reason why they are so interested in finding out more about them is because it appears that they can be in 2 states at the same time… that means you could store double the amount of information in them and that means you could run really fast computers using them!

Really smart scientists have been writing about them for decades and trying to figure out how to capture them long enough for computing. They also appear to be important for explaining gravity and our how our universe is moving along – but that is another story.

Brexit is the theme of today. The Conservative Party has one group that has a big white chiefs called Mr. Rees-Mogg and Mr. Johnson. They are basically rich men who claim that the UK is a vassal state of the EU, and that Freedom from the tentacles of the EU will bring Empire Glory to all the white folk in the UK. They claim that excessive immigration is the EU’s fault, that EU regulations stifle Britain’s Brilliance, and that Ireland, Scotland and Wales must stay as a British colonies.

On the other hand, there is another group who say that the UK should stay in the EU, but they are like sheep who huddle together unable to act decisively when the fox starts to tear the legs off one of their lambs in the early morning light before the shepherd has had his morning cuppa’.  

Then there is the new bunch of Conservatives who fear that the party must not be split because they will lose the next election to the Communist-led Labour Party. That would be even more catastrophic for many Conservative MP’s who would then have to find real jobs in Socialist England. Who wants to sweep streets or tidy up hotel rooms?

This last bunch has come up with a brilliant idea after reading about Stephen Hawkins in the obituary  column of the Times newspaper. The article said that Mr. Hawkins has studied Quantum science where very small things can be in 2 states at the same time – like a cat in a box that is both dead and alive at the same time.

Their idea is to say that they support both of the above states of For and Against Brexit! 

As brilliant politicians, they will not win the next election, and like all politicians they will have their head in the sand and tell everybody afterwards that the polls were wrong, that the economists were possibly right after all and that Brexit was a big mistake… but they are now willing to correct it with new negotiations with the EU to have a “bespoke solution for the UK  that will give the UK the power top decide everything in its favour before any new EU legislation is passed.

There is another solution now that there are rumours that Ms. Merkel is considering to be the new EU Commission President. She should offer the job instead to Ms. May on condition that the UK stays in!

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