Ups and Downs in Finland and Sweden

The Social Democrats hold the pole positions in Helsinki and Stockholm. The respective prime ministers of both countries have been careful and thorough in what they have been saying and doing.

The latest figures from the Gallups show big increases for the popularity of both parties in Finland and Sweden respectively.

The popularity of the social Democrats in Finland has increased moderately, while the popularity of the social Democrats in Sweden has increased dramatically. In both cases the media have tried to say that the reasons are related to their handling of the virus. In both cases this is probably not true since both governments have gone about their day-to-day business in a systematic and thoughtful manner. That is the main reason why the nations’ populations are now supporting their leaders with more enthusiasm.

Their handling of the virus epidemic has been similar in that they have tried to be consistent unused the best scientific knowledge available. They have not tried to push themselves as the medical experts of the nation like Mr Trump or like Mr Johnson.

This method of working carefully and consistently, without fanfare, has been used in making new social and economic proposals by their two governments. It appears that neither Prime Minister wants to push through legislation in too much of a hurry, they rather want to take their time, involve discussions with the opposition and with other stakeholders, and build a case for the rationale of making these proposals.

Naturally this infuriates the media and the opposition because the want one quick results and easy answers, and in today’s world quick results and easy answers are no way to solve problems.

The Downs in polling has been an experience for the two nationalist parties the Sweden Democrats and True Finns – both have fallen sharply now that voters see that they have very little to offer other than harsh words and harsh policies:

The Social Democrats are in red in both countries, and the Sweden Democrats and True Finns are in yellow both sets of lines are represented at the higher part of the graph.

The fall of the both of these opposition parties is similar and the same magnitude.

Photos and graphs: Wikipedia Commons

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