US Block Joint Declaration by Artic Council

The US has blocked a joint declaration by Arctic Council states that made reference to climate change.

The great majority of Nordic people and their leaders believe that we must urgently protect the Artic areas.

The lack of a joint declaration from the foreign ministers of the eight Arctic countries, after a meeting in the Finnish city of Rovaniemi is totally unacceptable.

Mr. Timo Soini, the Finnish foreign minister and host of the meeting, issued an unprecedented chair statement that pointedly noted that “a majority of us regarded climate change as a fundamental challenge facing the Arctic”.

Trump will be remembered as the most ignorant president and his Secretary of State will also be remembered as among the most destructive in US history.

They represent, without a doubt, some of the world’s most dangerous leaders ever known in American history. Shame on them!

Photo credit: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland/Kaisa Sirén

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