Use “Human Crisis” Instead of “Climate Change”

Every company and every politician are using the words “Climate Change” all the time even though it tells us nothing about what is really happening around us today.

  1. We are seeing extreme weather now with powerful storms, extreme temperatures, and extreme winds never experienced before in recent human history.
  2. We are seeing flooding, tornados, hurricanes, “Death-Valley” high temperatures of 40C to 50C in residential areas. 
  3. Many people in rich and poor countries are seeing drought and flooding. 
  4. Wild forest fires have destroyed thousands of houses in rich countries, and hurricanes have ripped up and destroyed homes, shops, vehicles ands boats.
  5. Huge volumes of ice are melting on high mountains, in Greenland and in Antarctica, and this is leading to rising sea levels that are already flooding some areas , but will soon flood major cities everywhere if nothing is done now! 

Yes, the climate is changing but the crisis is for us humans to suffer.

Let’s change the words “Climate Change” and start to use a better description for what is really happening now. 

Lets start using “Human Crisis” instead of “Climate Change” when talking and writing…

Companies must be forced to use it, along with politicians because what is going on now with Human Crisis is real and can only be stopped when called by its correct name.

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