Useful Idiots

By the Finnish Grandfather of 86 years

Has anyone dared to speculate on the next option, which I think is possible.

Could it be that the Russian oligarchs are Putin’s bulwarks, who don’t actually own anything?

Their previous holdings were effectively controlled by Putin’s KGB. Companies in the Western world have been led to believe that they are trading with these businessmen, even though they are trading with companies controlled by the KGB that have confiscated the former holdings of the oligarchs. They have been persuaded to do so by continuing their luxury life as before.

With this trick, Putin has managed to fool the rest of the world and the leaders of companies and organizations who have been visibly ready to brother up with Putin.

Within his own closed circle, Putin has called these individuals “Useful Idiots”, as Soviet leaders once did those Western communists who believed the Soviets to lie about an ideal society. 

It must be remembered that Putin grew up in this “ideal” society and wants to bring it back to power. 

In his own Russia, he has managed to silence the people with the same intimidation that Lenin and Stalin once used. For ordinary Russians, there is enough bread and vodka, and they are made to believe in a “strong” leader and a heavenly ideal society.

With my own people over the age of 80, with an experience with personal memories of the war of the summer of 1944, I hope to put an end to Putin’s obscurity, and get those Useful Idiots to open their eyes.

Photo: The Presidential Press and Information Office

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