Vaccination Chart – Danish Needles Shine

You can see in the above chart that the Danes have taken a clear lead in delivering the restricted number of vaccines per hundred of the total population. 

It is their stated objective to vaccinate 100 000 people each day, although this is far from what their current daily level of around 15 000 vaccinations each day. Such an objective demand a strong acceleration from their present progress.

What appears to be clear is that the Danes started their vaccination program more quickly and they are now more efficient in delivering vaccinations faster than the other Nordic countries. You can see from the chart that the gap is slowly increasing when compared to the other Nordics.

Otherwise Sweden, Finland, Norway and Switzerland are all in the same slightly lower area with only small differences.

Fast delivery of the vaccine at weekends and late at night are the best way to smother the pandemic. 

A slow vaccination program is a deadly policy given the number of new mutations.

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