Washing cars and changing tyres – Helsinki’s best car service on Lönnrotinkatu

Every car owner hates the annual tyre changes and the regular car wash to get rid of winter’s salt and muck, and summer’s dust and squashed mosquitoes’ graveyard.

Who wants to do it year in and year out?

I happened to come across Joken Pesu in a cellar under Lönnrotinkatu 31 in Helsinki. His father started the business 30 years ago, and retired 5 years ago, leaving it to his son Sami – see picture above – his telephone number is 0400 405 020.

As readers know, we have no financial interest and take no benefits from the companies, restaurants and shops that we review. The only reason they appear on our pages is because the service or product is exceptional

You can take your car there or call him beforehand and you will receive a friendly and professional service from the entrepreneur who spend his time washing away the dirt and grime to bring the car back to its gleaming former self.

He does not provide a brutal Neste or ABC service station hit-or-miss wash with lukewarm water. Here you get the real old-fashioned personal service for a reasonable price plus a bit extra – he normally cleans the floor mats. When it is ready he will call you for picking up your car .

If only every service chain could provide this level of service, but we all know that is not possible in this “let’s reduce our already too high prices and give even a worse service” country!

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