Watch Out for the Wounded Bear

Can you imagine why any country’s leader of a European country would send over 200 000 of his young men to their deaths or to be injured badly just because he thinks that he is some modern-day czar!

Can you imagine why such a leader is spending 10% to 15% of GDP on a war with a peaceful neighbor?

Can you even believe that such a fool has even asked his former cook to command an army made up of criminals to kill and destroy Ukrainians and Ukraine.

How can Putin be regarded as anything but a dangerous terrorist when he bombs schools, hospitals, train stations, and asks his “soldiers” (these hardened criminals) to kill, torture, wound, and rape Ukrainian men women and children.

Can you imagine a leader who does not dare to step outside his safe and secure bunker to visit his terrorist soldiers.

Now the nose around his neck is getting tighter. He has had to store his stolen cash in Chinese currency because he cannot keep western currencies in any bank! Now when he spends his stolen cash on weapons and new castles for himself, he must sell his Chinese currency reserves!

In his desperation to attack the west, he has fallen into the lap of the Chinese who will soon show him that he is nothing but a bragging emperor without any clothes!

There must be a lot of people in Russia who are feeling and urge to change things at the top… It is now just a matter of time…

A wounded bear can crawl through the woods for a few weeks before the wolves encircle it and bite into its neck with their jaws.

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