We just can’t trust networks – so why do users bear all the risks of loss?

Yesterday, Tuesday 21st November, was a bad day for networks here in Finland and Sweden

We saw the partial failure of the main Finnish mobile network in Helsinki owned by Sonera the largest operator. When these networks fail, you simply cannot call people… and believe that a normal old fashioned land line network never failed!

Uber announced that it had lost private clients data of over 50 million customers. Can you imagine what would have happened if banking data was lost as well…

The next thing that occurred was in Stockholm where the Arlanda Express between the city centre  and the airport stopped running for 3 hours at peak time. The queue for taxis and the buses was long and many people were caught jumping the queues because “Sorry, I am in such a hurry”. The delays for taxis and buses lasted  more than 60 minutes before getting a seat in a bus or a taxi into town, and then the roads were busy with the extra traffic so 2 hours was lost for the thousands of harried passengers!

There was also a newspaper article about how dozens of people in a small region in Finland had seen their credit cards used in Asia when honest owners were standing in  muddy fields or shooting elks in the deep bare forests. Why should these people have to go to all the trouble of making criminal complaints when the banking system allows robbers to steal credit card information so easily?

All of the above we are seeing repeated in one form or another on a regular basis. The power wielded by American companies on social networks and the power of hackers, spies and malware to destroy the continuous and proper functioning.

It seems that out is an impossible dream to have any secure networks and that we are foolish to allow our political leaders and business folk to force us to use them.

Convenience should not be the driving force to push us into the open arms of criminals and gangsters. Politicians and business must take the responsibility for these losses, not the users who have no choice.

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