What bad deal did Finnish PM make with Blues?

The government’s majority for the passage in Parliament for the Healthcare reform was threatened over the weekend when 3 Future Blue MP’s from that mutineer group that split off from the right-wing crazies called the True Finns, decided to vote against the “reform”.

On Tuesday a Blue’s party meeting was convened, and they announced immediately that they would all support the reform bill in Parliament.

Now with election just a few weeks away, and with the knowledge that perhaps only one or two MP’s out of the 19 may get re-elected, it is hard to understand why they would suddenly agree to change their opinions within the space of 24 hours.

You can be sure that the Conservative party and the Center Party made them  an offer “that they could not refuse”…

You can probably expect that a few of the Future Blue party leaders will be offered some nice jobs after the election rather than lining up outside the unemployment office. 

Lets’ see who gets what job… so far no media report have been made about their sudden change of mind! 

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