What bullfights, children & women have in common?

Your correspondent is spending a week here in Spain to enjoy warmer weather and a few days to contemplate the state of the world – and from Valencia an appropriate connection can be made between bullfighting, children and women.

Spain’s constitutional court ruled a few years ago that bullfighting is part of Spain’s “national heritage”, thus overturning a ban imposed by the region of Catalonia.

Watching it on television one evening, you can see how men in fancy dress goad bulls to run towards them and then carefully stab the bulls in the neck some 10 times so that blood gushes out making the bull weak and angry. As the bad bull slows down the big brave matador plunges his sharp sword into its spine, and the bad bull topples over in tortured pain. Then the others kill it off with dagger stabs to the head. While this is happening a choir of men and women sing along with a brass band. The bad dead bull has its ears cut off while the 2 000 crowd in the Coliseum-like building cheer their appreciation of the great matador and his wonderful helpers. They are great heroes because they have survived such deadly threats! 

The Russians and Mr. Assad and his supporters are also clapping and cheering their brave soldiers like the crowds in the bullring who so successfully have dropped their bombs that fall on schools, homes and hospitals in Syria killing children and women by the thousands. They must be so proud of the heroic efforts of their soldiers against such terrible enemies.

In Saudi Arabia and in the USA, their main supporter with weapons and military intelligence, the great leaders can also be proud of their heroes who have managed to kill plenty of children and women by dropping their bombs on schools, homes and hospitals in the Yemen killing children and women by the thousands.  They must be so proud of the heroic efforts of their soldiers and wonderful weapons. What risks these men have taken in their jet fighters and in their drone control rooms.

You do not really need an international criminal court to stop bullfighting, but it should be used to get these heroic leaders to take their punishment for the real crimes against humanity.

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