What does US Trade War with China mean for Nordics?

There can be no doubt that almost every country in the EU does not want Trump to be re-elected. He is an unpredictable dishonest bully who cares nothing more than grabbing power for himself and his friends and family.

The fact that one or two of his actions are line with our thinking does not justify supporting him because 90% of the time the man does more damage to world order, peace, and the climate than any other president. 

You do not ask cheats or wrongdoers into your home to look after your children, do you? Naturally, we can and should talk with him in his capacity as president of the United States but only seriously, and through hardened glass and jail block bars! You cannot trust this man – that much is clear to most thinking people.

Now what do you think that the Chinese think about him and his trade war? 

The Chinese certainly do not want to see him elected once more. They never worry about one or two years hardships, they always think about decades and centuries.

They have no interest is opening up trade negotiations with him until he is actually behind bars or out of the Oval Office! Even if they do make concessions on trade now, they know that he will probably demand more and not keep his word. They understand that anything and everything is possible with this man in any negotiation. We have seen that he has no hesitation in changing his mind and contradicting himself one minute later for personal gain.

Thus China will not buy any more soya beans, chlorinated chicken, hormone filled beef or pork. They want to hurt American farmers who vote for Trump. They will find ways to supply electronic parts and assemble Macs and watches for Apple. They will find ways to overcome the imposition of tariffs, but they will not do anything to make Trump look good.

But Chinese workers need to eat and so the Chinese government will turn to South America and Europe for protein and other foodstuffs – the Nordics are well-placed for this….

We can then only hope that Trump does not start to punish us for exporting to China, but a strong EU can enable us to fight off his attacks. 

As Ms. Cecelia Malmström, the outgoing trade commissioner of the EU, remarked with deep regret that the USA fought with the allies in World War II to secure Europe from a dictator, now they are fighting us on trade and cohesion. She also said:

“The trade war and the trade escalation between the US and China are bad news for the whole world. It affects our economies negatively – and there are also warnings from the World Bank, IMF, OECD, lots of think tanks – it’s not only the Commission’s view. Many of our companies doing business with the US and China will be affected, and that can also affect jobs, growth… We are out of the current crisis, but whenever there is a new crisis, this will play in negatively.”

So let’s export while he window of opportunity is there, we have time until the next US election.

Photo by Scott Bauer

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