What is rotten about Finnair & Finavia

Here is a list of things that are rotten at Finavia’s Helsinki Airport (= a natural monopoly):

  1. You are forced to go through a building site. Rebuilding has been going on for years and the present chaos is so bad. The car parks are now moved for the next 2 years and to get to them in winter with a case is terrible with ice, snow and stone grit on the main exterior paths.
  2. Security checks are necessary but why do they have to be manned by people standing around talking with each other and being bossed around. Why does one area in T2 have a fast automated system while the other 2 areas have personnel standing on the other side of the door-way sensors?
  3. Can somebody please explain why laptops must be out of their cases sometimes and what is the definition of a liquid? Last week I left my laptop in the case while the other week I was told to take it out? It is the same with shoes, belts and watches.
  4. You are forced to walk through expensive foreign made stalls and shops that I have no interest in. buying. They claim to be “Duty Free” as if the cost saving is significant. I have never bought anything there and cannot understand why the Finnish government is so keen to rent out all the space to foreign companies selling 90% foreign made articles. It is so unoriginal.
  5. The cost of water and food is extortionate. There is no true competition. The food is nothing special but the prices are!
  6. Drinking water is available for free – in the toilets (yuch!) or at a cost of €5 a liter from ungreen plastic bottles
  7. There is no room to walk in the narrow corridors and seats have been removed at many of the gates.
  8. Last week we waited for 65 minutes for our baggage to arrive after walking from the plane and having our passports checked. This was at harried on a Thursday afternoon, after flying 12 hours from Asia.

The conclusion is that Finavia needs a kick up the back-side. Helsinki Airport is shoddy and not designed for us harried passengers, but for squeezing out as much money from us as possible…

Here is a list of things that are rotten with Finnair:

  1. They have one of the worst websites when compared to other similar competitors. You must enter the same personal details each time even though they have regular passenger data stored on their systems.
  2. Their website traces your attempts to finds the lowest price and the price of a ticket my increase when they see you returning. I think somebody calls this a wonderful Artificial Intelligence solution. 
  3. Complaints are handle over the web – there are no email addresses or telephone numbers to call, except special booking numbers that cost the earth! And try complaining, you will be met with scripted answers that do not deal with your complaint. Finnair are famous for not paying due compensation based on EU regulations. 
  4. Ticket prices are not ticket prices. You must pay extra for seating, baggage, and extra meals. You will not be automatically seated with your partners and children if you do not pay up… That is blackmail… and what a way yo treat people who want to compare prices…
  5. The waiting areas at the airport and the lack of space and seating is awful – this is also part of the package we have purchased from Finnair.
  6. Long distance flights offer meals that are best described as “finger food”. They are tiny and have almost no nutritional value. On the last long distant flights, they only sold chocolates, crisps and biscuits to passengers. No sandwiches, salads or any other healthy food..
  7. Toilets on long-distance flights are not kept in good shape. The condition of the toilets on last week’s flight from Vietnam, was bad and there was no hand paper towels after 3 hours, nor after 4 hours even though we spoke with the attendants….
  8. … and last week we waited for 65 minutes for our baggage to arrive after flying 12 hours from Asia – as described above. This is also part of the package I purchased from Finnair.

The conclusion is that Finnair needs a kick up the back-side. The whole Finnair experience is not designed for us passengers, but for squeezing out as much money from us as possible…

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