What is the Definition of a Terrorist State?

The above is an important question to agree upon when we impose sanctions on a country that is supporting terrorists that are killing people with terrorist acts or when they are invading another sovereign state.

The first approach to this question is that there is not one country in the world where the majority of the population believes that terrorist attacks are necessary to defend their own country. Ordinary people can be fed any amount of false information to make them believers but as US President Abraham Lincoln once said: “You can fool all people some of the time and some people all the time. But you can never fool all people all the time.”

As soon as the dead bodies start arriving by lorries in body bags, to be buried in mass graves in their thousands, the truth is quickly revealed, no matter how hard the media is controlled by their great leaders.

In fact, it is common sense that the above condition is impossible to test, and unlikely to be useful because we have seen that there are always large groups of people who oppose such terrible activities from their leaders but are afraid for their own lives to openly oppose them.

The definition of a terrorist state can be answered by a positive response to any one of the following tests:

  1. Are a nation’s military resources being used to attack another sovereign nation, to wound and kill civilians, and to destroy their property and infrastructure, with the intent to steal political control and, or plunder the assets and resources of another?
  2. Is the terrorist activity centrally and deliberately managed by the country’s leadership and paid for out of the country’s budget?
  3. Are that nation’s military resources, public or “private”, being used to wound and kill civilians and civilian targets, in addition to the other nations military resources?

Any of the above are applicable to several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa today and in the past.

Russia is the prime example of a terrorist state today which involves Putin’s brutal attack on Ukraine – a sovereign nation that he has attacked because he claims that they are Nazis who ┬áthreaten Russia!

What is even worse, is that Putin is behaving like a terrorist against his own population . His rabble army is being run by a huge group of corrupt officers who openly steal funds that are meant to provide weapons and supplies for their army. The result is that huge numbers of Russian soldiers are being forced to a war in Ukraine from where they have no hope of returning alive!

There are plenty of other examples of such terrorist states attacking other nations as well as others, like Belarus, Syria and Sudan, who are brutally killing those of their population who are in opposition to the government or belong to any tribe, religion have a different ethnic culture. In all these cases the Wagner Army from Russia have joined these countries leaders to wound and kill civilians in their thousands.

Russia is a terrorist state…


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